The Magtek Mini USB card peruser for QuickBooks POS is perfect with the PC arrangement of PCs or any gadget with a USB interface. A card is perused by sliding it, stripe down and confronting the LED side, through the space either forward or in reverse. A LED (Light Emitting Diode) marker on the Reader board furnishes the administrator with ceaseless status of the Reader activities. The peruser imitates a USB Human Interface Device (HID) console. This permits have applications intended to gain card information from console contribution to consistently get the card information from the USB swipe peruser.


  • Producer/Supplier: MagTek, Inc
  • Producer Part Number: 21040110
  • Brand Name: MagTek
  • Item Name: Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Reader
  • Item Type: Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Attractive Stripe Track Configuration: Dual Track
  • Least Swipe Speed: 76.20 mm/s
  • Most extreme Swipe Speed: 1270 mm/s
  • Interfaces/Ports: USB 2.0 USB, Keyboard Wedge
  • Shading: Black
  • Measurements: 1.2″ Height x 1.3″ Width x 3.9″ Length
  • Weight (Approximate): 5.80 oz
  • Bundle Contents: Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Reader, Interface Cable