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Archives for June 2018

QuickBooks Utility Application

While chipping away at QuickBooks to refresh the back and the bookkeeping information of one’s organization or business, a client may get the QuickBooks Utility Application fly up. Frequently these pop-ups like this back off the advance of the work.

QuickBooks have now turned out to be one of the basic devices for some entrepreneurs to maintain their business easily as this bookkeeping programming encourages them in keeping up their records precisely and effectively. In any case, on occasion, clients do confront glitches that back off their advance in utilizing QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks Utility Application Pop-Up issue?

The windows produce this message by the record control to tell the individual the program that they expect to run needs a client’s consent.

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Ways to Resolve the QuickBooks Utility Application Pop-Ups:

  • The user can try and restart the computer
  • The user can go to the control setting and change the user account.

If these two above methods do not solve the issue, then the user may try the following:

  • The user needs to use the ‘temporary user profile’ to login, this stops the user from accessing the data the first time hence a pop-up box will open stating ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?’
  • From there the user is to go to the Program
  • Then the user is to look for the utility application option
  • Verify the publisher
  • Click on the OK option
  • After this, the program will continue to work after few minutes.
  • The user is to log off the computer, shut down and restart.

After this, the QuickBooks program should be running smoothly and the normal profile of the user can be accessed with the company data.

The other option to use QuickBooks Utility Application is by going through the following steps:

  • When using the QuickBooks Utility Application launch the QuickBooks Desktop in the Administrative Mode
  • After this, the user is to start the QuickBooks Utility Tool
  • Once the QuickBooks utility is launched the program will seek the user’s permission to be connected with the QuickBooks desktop. The administrator is required to enable and allow all the access the software requires for establishing a permanent connection with the QuickBooks desktop program.
  • After the connection access and establishment is done, a screen will be displayed asking the user to fill in details. The user is to fill up all the required places and then log in.
  • Once the login is complete and established the initial data will start loading and after this, the user can try to import the tabs for the invoice and timesheet.
  • After this, the user can export the tabs of the client and the employees.

These are the few methods that a user can use to resolve the issues they face with QuickBooks Utility Application pop-ups. Most likely the above methods will enable us to address the issue. In case it does not happen, then you can get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support 1800-291-2485.

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QuickBooks Error 12029

QuickBooks needs an active internet connection to in order to function smoothly. QuickBooks error 12029 pops-up on your screen if your QuickBooks is not able to access the Internet. It might also be possible that some application is interfering with QuickBooks download.

If you are facing the QuickBooks error 12029 and searching for a way to get rid of this error, then read this article to the very end. We will be providing detailed steps for resolving the error 12029 but if in case you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through the steps, you can dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number and talk to our QuickBooks Experts.

Let us first discuss the possible reasons for which you are facing this error on your screen:

  • You are having Internet connectivity issues.
  • Secure Socket Layer settings are not compatible.
  • Internet Explorer is not set as your default browser.
  • An application like Anti-virus or Anti-malware is blocking the connection packets for QuickBooks.

These are all the possible reasons which can trigger the QuickBooks Error 12029 to pop-up on your screen. Intuit recommends the following solutions for getting rid of this error. Follow the order of the solutions and only move on to the next solution if the current one is not working for you.

Resolving the QuickBooks Error 12029

Solution 1: Try to access any other website

If you are not able to access any website, then your Internet connection is not working. In that case, you will have to call your Local technical guy to check your Internet connection.

Solution 2: Setting up Internet Explorer to be your default browser

  • Look for Internet Explorer icon on your screen and double click on it.
  • Click on the tools icon.
  • Go to Internet Options > Programs > Default Web Browser and select the Make default button to make Internet Explorer your default browser.
  • Click on Ok and close Internet Explorer.

Solution 3: Check Internet Explorer settings

  • Double-click on the Internet Explorer icon to open it.
  • Go to Tools > Internet options > security tab and click on the globe icon.
  • Set the security setting at Medium-high.
  • Disable content advisor by going to the content tab.
  • Go to connections tab.
  • Ensure that the right ISP is selected if you are using a dial-up node.
  • Select Never Dial a Connection if you are not using a dial-up node.
  • Verify that automatically detect settings is selected in the LAN settings.
  • Go to Advanced Tab > Restore Advanced Settings.
  • Click on settings and make sure that Use TLS 1.0 is marked and Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are not marked.
  • Click on Ok and restart your computer.

Solution 4: Clean Install of QuickBooks in Selective Startup

  • Often, third-party applications on your computer can obstruct the installation of QuickBooks. That is why Intuit recommends installing QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup. In the safe mode no third-party application will interfere with the installation and hence there will be no need of troubleshooting them.
  • Open the run command by pressing the keys Ctrl and R simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • You have to type in msconfig in the text field and click on Ok.
  • Go to General Tab >selective startup. Click on the box in front of Load system services and Load startup items.
  • Go into the Services tab and disable all services.
  • Checkmark Hide all Microsoft services by clicking on it.
  • Restart your computer by selecting Restart in the system configuration.
  • Now, you can uninstall or reinstall QuickBooks using a clean install.

These are all the solutions recommended by Intuit for resolving the QuickBooks Error 12029. If these solutions did not work for you, you can dial the toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number at +1800-291-2485 and explain your situation to our QuickBooks Experts.

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